• Richard Hopkins

Why You Should Get New Locks On Your New Home

It’s a well known fact that moving house can be one the most stressful events in life, between having to sort out all the legalities and documents, the packing, and then transport and unpacking, it’s no wonder that the thrill of moving into a new home can be chaotic. A task that is far too often neglected though, is replacing the locks on your brand new property.

Many people rely on the goodwill of the previous and past tenants, but the chance remains that there could be keys still in circulation long forgotten about, whether it’s a neighbour who feeds and walks pets during holidays, or emergency keys given to friends and family. It increases the risk that someone could potentially break in to your home.

The immediate benefit of having a locksmith in Derby replace all your locks is that you eliminate the risk of anyone else being able to access your home. The chances of the previous occupiers breaking in might be very slim, but it’s impossible to find out how many keys were duplicated, and still in circulation.

It’s a very good opportunity to improve upon your lock security. The current locks may be old and out of date, and potentially open to flaws that criminals can take advantage of, even digital locks have had flaws recently exposed. It’s particularly true that older homes will have older locks and keys that may be decades old.

Lastly, it’s the peace of mind in knowing that your family, yourself, and your precious possessions are safe with brand new locks on the doors of your home. If you want peace of mind with fresh security and replacement locks and keys, get in touch with your Derbyshire locksmith today.

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