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Top Tips To Secure Different Types Of Doors

Just as there are many types of home in the UK, so too are there many types of doors. These are obviously points that you want to be secure to prevent someone from breaking into your property, but they can also be obvious weak spots.

So, what should you be doing to make different sorts of doors as secure as possible? A number of experts recently answered reader questions for This Is Money, explaining various options for some of the most common types of door.

For example, one reader raised concerns about glass patio doors being smashed by burglars, after a similar incident in their area. Jacqueline Crawford, from CORGI Fenestration and Help Locks, said that the key is to have doors with insulated glass units made from laminate glass fitted.

The difference between the laminate glass door panels and less secure models is that it will take multiple attempts to break laminate glass.

She also stated that fitting an alarm that is triggered by this kind of interference will make it much less likely that any would-be burglar will stick around long enough to break into your property.

Depending on your doors, you can buy a film to coat your windows online for a small amount of money. Fitting it yourself is also possible, depending on how confident you feel with this kind of DIY.

This security film will strengthen the existing glass and make it more resistant to breakage. Making it that bit more difficult for a thief to gain entry could be enough to convince them to move on.

Meanwhile, managing director for the Master Locksmiths’ Association (MLA) Steffan George said that although many thieves will avoid breaking glass because of the noise and potential for DNA trace, if this is a method you’re aware is being used in your neighbourhood then it’s also worth making it as hard as possible for people to get into your garden in the first place.

Planting thorny plants around your border and making sure that you have a high fence with a trellis on the top are simple steps to make it more difficult for someone to get into your garden.

If you have hinged doors that meet in the middle, rather than sliding doors, there are some other security measures you can take. Ms Crawford told the news provider that installing sash jammers is a cost-effective option.

Mr George, meanwhile, advised investing in a Euro cylinder lock that has been approved to SS312 Diamond standard or one that’s Kitemarked to TS007 3 star. Not sure what that all means? Arrange an appointment with Derbyshire locksmiths to get them to assess the suitability and security of your locks.

Another reader asked about better securing an up-and-over sectional panel garage door. Ms Crawford recommended a Garage Defender, where the base bolts into the ground and the main part of the lock sits over the lip at the bottom of the door when it’s locked.

Earlier this year, research from GoCompare revealed that 83 per cent of Brits believe they need to do more to improve the security of their homes. Maybe it could be on your list of new year’s resolutions if you don’t get round to it this side of Christmas.

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