• Richard Hopkins


I thought I’d put out my thoughts on keeping your house safe from burglary, in the form of a few key points that I think are the most important. Then I’ll elaborate on these points. Disclaimer:- Most of these things are common sense things that revolve around not being stupid. But I’m writing them here because apparently not a lot of people have common sense. If Everyone followed this advice then a lot of burglaries wouldn’t happen. 1. YOU CAN’T! If someone wants to break into your house, they will. No amount of expensive locks, cameras, alarms and security lights will stop someone getting in if they are focused on getting in, thats just the way it is. You can put the best lock in the world on your door and they will just put a brick through your window and climb in. That being said, read below to cut down your chances. 2. LOCK YOUR DOOR Around 30% of burglaries are committed through an unlocked door. Thats one 3rd! 30 out of 100 people literally left the door unlocked and someone came and took their stuff. Thats stupidity. Plain and simple. Peoples usual excuses are: “I was only nipping around the corner” or “I was in the house having a nap” or even “I live in a nice quiet neighbourhood” (newsflash; Burglars look for nice quiet neighbourhoods to burgle because they have the nicest things to steal). People actually walk along the streets trying doorhandles. It has almost defiantly happened to you but your door was locked luckily. (remember that time you heard the postman but when you went to check, there was no post?) Whatever the excuse, you still lost your stuff, and maybe even got beaten up in the process. sometimes they steal your keys that you’ve left by the door and they come back later or take your car. (good luck claiming on your insurance) 3. SHIFT YOUR KEYS Don’t leave them in the door or on a bowl next to the door. Criminals are masters at hook-a-duck and will find a way to reach them. Some types of lock even allow keys to be turned from the outside. Now it is worth saying the keys need to be nearby the door incase of a fire, but maybe stick them in a drawer, or hang them in a closed cabinet next to the door. This also means don’t leave a key under the doormat or plant pot. I’ve literally been called out by customers who’ve lost their keys and I’ve reached under the mat and got their spare one that they had completely forgotten about. Criminals check these places too. If you have to leave your key for someone, put it in a secure key safe thats drilled to the wall. 4. BUY GOOD LOCKS Burglars will look for the weak link in your security. If its a lock that they can break into silently, then they will pick your house instead of your neighbour because your neighbour has a high security lock and the only way to get in is breaking the window and making a ton of noise. (a drunk or drugged up criminal will smash a window and break in at any time of the day, they don’t care) So the goal with security is to make your house look like its too risky to break into. Ask a locksmith to come and take a look at your locks and see what they can do to upgrade them. It might cost you your pocket money but why would you want to protect your property with a £4 lock (in my experience, most houses have cheap locks that take second to break into) And heres some more points;- DON’T LEAVE LADDERS IN YOUR GARDEN PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON A TIMER DONE LEAVE YOUR SHED UNLOCKED (Full of perfectly designed burglary tools) CLOSE AND LOCK YOUR WINDOWS PUT UP SECURITY LIGHTS THINK ABOUT WIFI CAMERAS DONT LEAVE BOXES OF EXPENSIVE GOODS OUTSIDE DONT ADVERTISE THAT YOUVE GONE ON HOLIDAY ON FACEBOOK MAYBE BUY A BIG DOG But none of these methods work 100% so the golden rule is; DON’T GET COMPLACENT. Sorry for the long post but its important. Im going to give more advice like this soon so like my page and invite your friends so they can see it to. Richard

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