• Richard Hopkins

Home Security ‘Top Priority’ For Buyers

People are looking for all kinds of things in their next properties, but it seems that there are certain features and amenities that the majority of us are after in a home. New research from GoCompare revealed what’s at the top of our wishlists.

House Beautiful shared the findings of the insurance comparison site’s annual Home Essentials survey. It revealed that central heating is in at number one, with 78 per cent of us classing this as a necessity.

In second place is double glazing, with 76 per cent of respondents saying they’d look for this. And in at number three, with 71 per cent stating that this is a priority, is secure windows and doors.

Of course, when you buy a home you can’t necessarily be sure how many spare keys to the locks there are among its previous occupants and while they’ll usually hand over most of them to the agent when they move out, you can never be too careful.

After all, it can be easy to end up with a spare set of someone else’s keys that you just forget to return to them. And that means when you move into a new home you should certainly think about how you can make it secure for you and your family.

Calling on a Derby locksmith to replace the locks on your external doors would certainly be prudent. That way you’ll know exactly how many sets of keys there should be and can rest assured that no-one else has the ability to unlock the doors to your home.

Interestingly, properties with a good home security system are also becoming more appealing. The news provider noted that, although this wasn’t in the top 20 of things people look for, 31 per cent of those questioned said they’d like a home with a security system. This is up from 23 per cent in the 2014 survey.

Other things that featured on the top 20 home essentials included a garden (71 per cent), friendly neighbours (53 per cent), and off-road parking (51 per cent).

If you’re buying a property with a garden and driveway for off-road parking, you need to make sure that these spaces are secure. This will not only mean that anything you store in these places are kept safe, but also that your home itself is safer.

We recently provided some advice on how you can secure the areas outside your home. Among our top tips are to invest in motion-activated lights and smart home security systems. If you’ve got a driveway, having a gravel drive is a good idea as it will mean you can easily hear someone approaching your property.

If you’re among the 71 per cent looking for a home with a garden, make sure you keep it tidy and in good condition. Avoid having any bushes growing too close to your house and make sure that you don’t let it get too overgrown, as this can give would-be burglars somewhere to conceal

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