• Richard Hopkins

Fridays In November ‘Prime Time For Burglaries’

The clocks going back do not just mean shorter days; it is also the start of the prime season for burglaries, as more thieves strike during the darker months.

According to recent research from Co-op Insurance, this makes November the busiest month of the year for burglary claims, with criminals most likely to target homes on Fridays compared with any other day of the week, Your Money revealed.

Head of Co-op Insurance Colin Butler said: “Unfortunately, year on year, our claims data shows that darker nights lead to more burglaries. As the nights draw in, we’re urging people to be vigilant when it comes to their personal safety, as well as the safety of their home.”

According to the data, theft claims rise by more than a third after the clocks go back at the end of October, particularly straight after daylight savings comes to an end.

The findings also revealed more burglaries occur at the end of the week, possibly due to opportunistic thieves thinking more people are likely to be out as the Christmas party season gets underway.

Halifax Home Insurance’s recent figures are similar, showing a 35 per cent rise in claims for forced burglary during the darker months compared with the lighter ones.

According to Co-op Insurance, putting lamps on; installing security lights outside; having a CCTV system; not leaving valuables on display or car keys near the letterbox; removing ladders from outside the house; making sure outbuildings are secure; and setting intruder alarms are good deterrents for burglars.

It is also important to make sure all doors and windows are locked, so thieves cannot gain easy entry to the building.

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