• Richard Hopkins

Don’t Forget About Home Security In Hot Weather

With much of the UK experiencing temperatures well above average in the past week, it’s understandable that you’ll be looking for ways to keep your home cool. But you shouldn’t throw all the windows open in the hope of generating a breeze, as this can pose a risk for your home security.

The Express recently shared some advice from Tom Vaughan, head of home insurance at, who warned people not to forget about security in their quest to cool down.

Although he acknowledged that it’s “only natural” to open windows in a bid to combat the hot weather, he also urged caution.

“Now is the time to be extra vigilant so that our home security isn’t compromised,” he stated, adding: “From June to August last year, there were 102,415 burglaries across the UK.”

Mr Vaughan explained that many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, which is why people should be careful about leaving their windows open and making it easier for thieves to enter their properties.

He also pointed out that failing to close and lock your windows when you go out, as well as leaving valuable items in plain sight, could invalidate your home insurance.

Even if a thief doesn’t enter your home, they could reach through an open window to grab a bunch of keys, a handbag or a mobile phone. If your keys do get stolen in this way, it’s essential to contact a locksmith in Derby, or wherever you live, quickly to have the locks replaced.

We recently offered a number of home security tips for this summer, including making sure that you put anything you’ve been using in your garden or outdoors away securely overnight, whether that’s your bike or fancy garden furniture.

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