• Richard Hopkins

Do You Have A Pet Hero?

As anyone with a pet will tell you, they’re a wonderful addition to the family. But has your pet done something particularly heroic? Did they alert you to a break-in at home? Or maybe they identified a health problem before it was immediately obvious?

Stories like this, and of any other heroics your dog, cat or even goldfish has performed are what are looking for as part of their Pet Hero 2019 competition.

You can submit entries now and voting will open to the public on 9 September. The public vote will select the top three stories from dozens of entries, and the overall winner will be chosen by a judging panel.

The organisation explained that it decided to launch the competition after conducting research which found that 48 per cent of people who have been burgled no longer feel safe in their home. It noted that pets often make people feel safer, and have even been known to stop or deter crime.

Managing director at Anthony Neary commented: “We know a lot of people find a sense of security in their pets. We believe there are some heroic pets out there and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve!”

Of course, while dogs, cats and other pets might bring comfort and help improve home security, they aren’t a substitute for robust locks and other security systems.

Whether you’re moving into a new property or have lived in your home for a while, it never hurts to carry out basic checks and make sure that your home is as secure as possible. A locksmith in Derby will be able to carry out an assessment and advise you on whether it’s best to upgrade your locks.

Research by and published by the Express earlier in August revealed the top ten burglary hotspots in the UK. Derby wasn’t among them, but Greater Manchester took the top spot, accounting for more than a quarter of reported burglaries last year across the 13 counties surveyed.

Greater London (excluding the City of London) was named second on the list, with West Yorkshire in third place.

Wherever you live, you want to feel safe and secure in your home and have peace of mind that it’s secure when you’re out and about or on holiday. We recently highlighted research that found one-third of Brits updated their home security in 2019.

The survey by Duette Blinds also found that 89 per cent of us feel safer if we have some form of security equipment installed around our property. This might include CCTV cameras, motion-activated exterior lights or even just robust locks on your doors.

Or you might feel better if you’ve got a furry companion in your home. Dogs are often cited as a good deterrent to burglars, because they can make a lot of noise and alert homeowners and neighbours to an intruder. Some dogs may also be very territorial in their own home, which can make a burglar think twice before breaking in.

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