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83% Of Brits Want To Improve Home Security

There is nothing more sacred than the safety of our home, which is why it is not surprising to hear the majority of Brits want to do more to improve security. This could include calling experienced Derbyshire locksmiths to update their locks to make their home harder to break in.

According to the latest research from GoCompare Home Insurance, 83 per cent of householders think they should do more improve the safety of their residence.

In fact, 39 per cent believe their security measures are moderate to poor, which explains why nearly four-fifths worry they will be burgled, Property Reporter revealed.

The research found 33 per cent have external security lighting; 30 per cent use a traditional burglar alarm; one-fifth have high garden fences and gates; 17 per cent have a dog; 14 per cent use a CCTV system and the same proportion have timer switches on their internal lights.

Further security measures include having a safe, which 12 per cent of Brits use; using ultra-violet security markers; and fitting a dummy burglar alarm box.

However, while there are a huge variety of products available to keep properties safer these days, 22 per cent of householders have no security features other than door and window locks.

Home insurance expert at GoCompare Ryan Fulthorpe said there is growing popularity for technology security features these days, such as doorbell cameras, Wi-fi cameras, and whole ‘smart’ home security systems.

Mr Fulthorpe said: “The development of compact, Wi-fi enabled cameras coupled with smart phones is enabling lots of people to improve the security of their homes for a relatively small outlay. Although traditional security measures such as full burglar alarm systems and outside sensor lighting are still most popular, it’s clear that smart technology is revolutionising home security.”

However, he noted that homeowners with these features have to use them properly, not only to keep their abode secure but also to ensure their home insurance remains valid.

“Many insurers quote lower premiums for homes with burglar alarm systems but if you don’t have it switched on when you’re out or at night and a burglar breaks in, your insurer may refuse to pay out,” the insurance expert stated.

The research found that 27 per cent of Brits claimed they felt at risk of being burgled because they did not have an alarm, while ten per cent feel vulnerable due to a lack of outside lighting, and eight per cent worry as their garden gates and fences are not in a good condition.

Mr Fulthorpe reminded homeowners that the best security measures are those that put thieves off, such as locked windows and doors, security cameras, alarms, outside sensor lights, fences, dense hedges and locked gates.

Recent research from Direct Line also found that outside crime is increasingly becoming a problem, with 4,300 bikes having been stolen from communal areas since 2016. This is an increase of 66 per cent between 2016 and 2018.

Dan Simson, head of insurance at Direct Line, advised Brits to be careful with their outdoor belongings, even when they are brought indoors.

“Anyone using a communal area to store an item should not be complacent and assume that just because they are inside, they are safe,” he stated.

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